Apollo Custom Manufacturing Ltd.

Apollo custom manufactures mobile food units for the food service industry as well as designing and creating personal Outdoor Living Spaces and Backyard Kitchens for the home owner who enjoys entertaining or just relaxing at home. We have combined with a few selected leading companies to bring you some of the best Outdoor Home Living Solutions and Products available on the Market today. Information on our Food Trucks, Street Food Trailers, Mobile Food Carts, Portable Self Contained Sinks, Outdoor Kitchens, BBQ's, DIY Parts and complete backyard makeovers can be found by following the links to the various company and partner websites below.


Our Food Trucks

Our Food Trucks are found throughout North America and are shipped around the World. We custom build to serve any type of food. All Apollo Food Trucks are designed to meet even the most stringent Health Codes. Installation Permits are pulled for gas and electrical and are inspected and approved by the BC Safety Authority and tested to CSA B149.1-10 and all electrical is tested to SPE1000.


Our Mobile Food Carts

Our Mobile Self Contained Food Carts have been shipped around the world to places like Japan, Malta, Ireland, Britain, Hawaii and can be seen operating locally in many cities throughout Canada and the United States. All Mobile Food Carts are totally self-contained and come complete with hot and cold pressurized water and mechanical refrigeration. The carts have been built to contain cooking equipment such as Char-Grills, Flat Griddles, Deep Fryers, Steamers, Burners, Takoyaki and endless combinations. Our mobile beverage carts include Espresso to Lemonade to Craft Beer Carts.


Concession Trailers

Our Mobile Food Trailers can take the place of a restaurant or complete Camp Kitchen and our smaller trailers can be towed to any daily or event Street Food Event. One of our Industrial Camp Trailer Kitchens can be seen at FirCom on Gambier Island.


Mobile Shipping Container Kitchens

A free standing alternative to a bricks and mortar restaurant facility that can easily be transported from location to location. We custom build the internal structure and counters in-house in our 12,000 sq ft manufacturing facility to be 100% customizable to your cooking and service needs. An Apollo Shipping Container Conversion makes the most efficient internal use of the space available. Our long History in developing Mobile Kitchen solutions means your custom conversion is manufactured by one of the leaders in the field with many years of experience. When complete the container is then inspected by a third party for both Electrical and LPG Safety and permits are issued for compliance. Apollo Shipping Container Restaurants are easily be transported by truck, train, helicopter or boat anywhere from Coast to Coast or around the World.


Our Portable Self Contained Sinks

Our Portable Self Contained Stainless Steel Sinks are used anywhere Health Hand Washing is required. From Mountaintop Cafes in Whistler Blackcomb, Convention Centers, Baseball Fields, Golf Courses to Mobile Triage Hospitals in South America. The Stainless Steel Durability stands up well in any climate and is easy to keep sanitary in harsh conditions. The Sinks feature Hot and Cold pressurized water, fresh and waste water tanks and operate either on 120AC or can be completely independent of any external power source and run on a combination of propane and 12VDC.

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