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Apollo in the News Recently

Shaw TV Interview (GoWestCoastTV)

Scout Magazine: Joy Road Vineyard Kitchen at Black Hills Estate Winery in Oliver

Housed in a recycled shipping container, the custom-built vineyard kitchen has been installed next to the winery tasting room and patio.

The thing is tight but elegantly constructed - totally purpose-built. As we've noted before, Joy Road owners Cameron Smith and Dana Ewart are two of BC's finest chefs, so it's a step in a very interesting direction to see them involved in a daily food service operation.

Will this eventually lead to the pair opening a restaurant of their own? Wouldn't that be something!

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View Pictures of the Complete Apollo Shipping Container Build

The Surrey Now: Surrey food truck builder 'bursting at the seams'

Recycled Shipping COntainerFrom a sushi truck to a New York waffle cart to a shipping container transformed into a kitchen, Apollo Carts has done it all. Co-owners Norm Kerfoot and Vince White run the business and, as Kerfoot says, they were doing it "before it was a thing."

Tucked away in an industrial area in Newton, the business is "bursting at the seams," Kerfoot said. So much so that they've had to find a new home, nearly tripling their space, from 4,000 square feet to 12,000.

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The Vancouver Sun: Surrey company builds kitchens on the go

In a sprawling warehouse in an industrial area in Surrey sits a shiny steel food cart covered with a cheeky red awning.

It stands out like a rose in the desert.

The design of the cart is like a jigsaw puzzle with compartments containing fridges, a tiny sink, oven and other essentials. It is a miniature kitchen on wheels. Every square inch has a purpose.

Once the finishing touches are in place, it will be shipped to New York City where a chef in the Big Apple will use it to churn out waffles.

This is only one of several projects underway at Apollo Custom Manufacturing, a bustling workplace littered with strays from the road like retired delivery trucks, an ex-police SWAT team truck, a hollowed out motor home, an old postal van and a shipping container. The battered interiors are all in some stage of finding a new vocation as one of the trendy food carts, trailers or trucks that are increasingly populating urban streets.

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Global News Television Interview: Building Food Trucks - Apollo Manufacturing
(Watch the Complete Video on YouTube)

Van City Buzz: Where Do Food Carts Come From?

Over the years, they have built almost every kind of mobile food vehicle imaginable. They’ve installed smokers, wood-fire pizza ovens, espresso machines and built carts that sell only baked potatoes. They have created some memorable vehicles in the process, with one of their most talked-about designs being Vancouver’s Pig On The Street, an old VW Westphalia camper van that somehow houses three employees and pumps out some of North America’s best street food. Their imagination knows no bounds, as evidenced by a current project they are working on for an American client: a Mercedes Unimog radio truck that will soon serve be serving some bad-ass espresso! Seriously, is this not the coolest food truck ever?

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Van City Buzz: UBC recieves first Food Truck for a Canadian University

Earlier this summer, The Hungry Nomad rolled up on UBC’s East Mall.

This is Canada’s first campus food truck, it offers a slew of hot and meaty sandwiches including pulled pork, deep-fried cod and natural Angus beef brisket for $7 to $8.

“We thought a food truck would be an interesting way to introduce different foods to campus,” says manager John Butt. “We’re offering large portions of food at a good price, all with a focus on sustainable product.”...

....The plan is to allow more food trucks on campus. The team behind the Hungry Nomad will evaluate once the fall semester begins.

UPDATE: In the Summer/Fall of 2014 UBC purchased several Food Carts, Trailers and Food Trucks from Apollo

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Vancouver Sun: Apollo's cart sales are getting closer to home

Apollo's cart sales are getting closer to home, Surrey-based Norm Kerfoot was pretty happy when he sold a crepe vending cart to a guy in France

"We've shipped hotdog carts to England, espresso carts to both Ireland and Holland, quite a few carts over to Hawaii, and all up and down the West Coast and over to Florida and New York," Kerfoot said.

"Portugal was kind of a nice one. France was a nice pat on the back."

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