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Building A Food Truck for the USA

Published on October 17th, 2021

Apollo Custom Manufacturing is located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada and has been for many years.  Being in close proximity to the Canada/US border allows easy transport of vehicles North and South of the border.  Getting a Food Truck or Trailer built from Apollo and shipped to the USA is a straight forward process, and can usually end up saving you, the customer, thousands.

Legendary Food Truck Builder

Apollo Custom Manufacturing has been involved in the building of mobile kitchens for the past 20 years and are recognized as one of the elite builders in the industry. Over the year, we have built food carts, concession trailers and food truck for individuals, restaurant owners, breweries, wineries, corporate and film catering trucks. As well, we have built merchandising units for sports teams and other individual retailers.

Why Is Apollo the Food Truck Builder of Choice?

While there are numerous builders that have started up during the food truck craze, Apollo has bee servicing the industry for twenty years and have become one of the top quality builders. There are a few things that separate us from other builders and our quality of workmanship is the biggest difference. Another is our choice of materials and process of the build. We use only high-quality materials and equipment in the manufacturing process of an Apollo food truck build. There is no wood used in the process of our builds so there is never any fear of water damage or rot. Stainless steel and aluminum are the only materials used in the fabrication of an Apollo food truck. We do not use prefab counters or tables. All our counters and cabinet are fabricated in-house and custom fit to suit each individual build. This will ensure that there are no big gaps or openings where waste can get trapped.

At Apollo we run our electrical on the surface so there is never any danger of the owner hanging a shelf or hanger and shorting out a wire you cannot access. We run wiring inside cabinets wherever we can to ensure there is the least amount of visible wiring. Exposed wiring is neatly tucked into corners to maintain the cosmetics of the build. If there is ever an electrical issue, this allows for an easy trace and repair.

Food Truck Certification & Testing

All appliances are NSF approved

All electrical is third party inspected and approved by Intertek testing – a worldwide recognized testing facility

All gas inspected and approved as well by BC Technical Safety

Fire suppression is installed by a certified installer

Apollo is able to meet any health codes and would only require the customer to supply a copy of the health requirements from their local health authority.

Food Truck Pricing

The high-end price of a fully equipped turnkey Apollo food truck build is $90,000 USD. This can be a fair bit lower depending on the purchase price of a vehicle and the equipment going into the build.

The Total Build Process

Apollo will help you find a dependable truck as we do deal with a few US based suppliers of trucks. We will do all the leg work to arrange transport of a US purchased truck to be delivered in bond to Apollo. We will arrange for delivery of all equipment as specified by the customer. Apollo will set up brokerage & customs clearances for a smooth transition back into the US. Photos are supplied on a regular basis throughout the build, so the customer is a part of the process from beginning to end.


As we use top quality parts and equipment and our build portion is top quality workmanship, it is our experience that warranty issues are very limited but in the case of any issues, Apollo carries a one-year warranty on all parts and labour supplied by Apollo. Customer supplied equipment is not warrantied by Apollo. The customer would need to contact their supplier of any warranty issues. If there is a piece of equipment or workmanship that requires warranty, the customer can contact a local service company and Apollo will deal the repair directly.

Purchase & Delivery Details

Apollo requires a 50% deposit with the order. At approximately 50% of the build process, another 20% draw is required. At completion the balance is due. Build time can be anywhere between 3 – 6 months, depending on in-house orders at the time of booking your build.


Apollo can arrange for graphics to be applied as well. We deal with Graphic Impressions, a local graphics company which has done hundreds of food trucks. We will put you directly in touch with our contact to work out the details of artwork and application.

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