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How an Apollo Custom Manufacturing Kitchen Trailer Can Help You Run a Successful Mobile Food Business

Published on May 19th, 2023

In today's global economy, importing goods has become increasingly common. However, not all imports are created equal. In fact, when it comes to trailer kitchens, there is a significant difference between those from China and over-seas, and those from Apollo Custom Manufacturing. As a custom trailer kitchen manufacturer, we build to the CSA B149.5 Annex J mobile code (modified as recently as October 2022). Apollo ensures their kitchens are safe and operational in Canada, America and across the globe.

When it comes to imported trailer kitchens, potential safety hazards must be taken seriously. Trailers from over-seas often do not meet the necessary regulations and codes required by the Department of Transport Canada. This is a significant concern for businesses looking to import trailer kitchens, as it can cost upwards of $30,000 to bring a deficient system (gas, electrical, and plumbing systems) up to code. Apollo Custom Manufacturing Trailer Kitchens provide high-quality mobile business built to code.


Apollo Custom Manufacturing has 20 years of experience building both trailers and mobile kitchens. Their experience translates to expertise in designing, building, and delivering custom trailers that meet industry standards in any region. The following are advantages of purchasing your custom build through Apollo.


The Trailers

·        Frames built in Surrey BC, Canada. They are certified by Department of Transportation Canada, and bear the National Safety Mark

·        Trailer chassis and frames are built with quality North American sourced metals.

·        Trailer frames and axels built to suit heavy kitchens and payloads.

·        Trailers comply to DOT exterior lighting and safety requirements.


The Kitchens:

·        Each kitchen customized for customer requirements.

·        Kitchens built with quality North American stainless and aluminium.

·        Gas Systems installed and inspected to the latest CSA B149.5 Annex J Mobile Code.

·        Fire Suppression professionally installed and inspected as per NFPA 96 Code

·        Apollo Custom Hood comply with CAN-ULC-646-10-R2021 and Clause of NFPA 96 for Exhaust Hoods.

·        All appliances evaluated and identified with appropriate labeling prior to installation.

·        Water systems built to meet all Provincial Health Department requirements.

·        All completed products are compliant with the following Field Approval Codes:

Gas CSA B149.5 – Inspected by ENEFEN Engineering

Electrical CSA SPE-1000 – Inspected by Intertek


If you are looking to start a mobile business, do it right the first time and trust Apollo Custom Manufacturing to complete your project. With their experience and commitment to excellence, you can be confident that your business will be able to hit the ground running and provide top-quality services. By choosing Apollo Custom Manufacturing, you are making a smart investment in your business's success.

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