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The Benefits of Using A Shipping Container As The Foundation For Your Mobile Kitchen:

Published on March 27th, 2024

Have you seen those incredible shipping container creations popping up everywhere lately? From modular shopping malls to housing for the Olympics, and even a hilltop restaurant on Cypress Mountain in beautiful British Columbia, it's clear that repurposed containers are having a major moment. And guess what? The food industry is jumping on board, especially when it comes to container kitchens.


Container kitchens are the perfect solution for so many of the challenges new business owners face. Brick and mortar locations are expensive and unpredictable, with rent increases and leases that never seem to last. It's a recipe for disaster when your profits are on the line. But with a container kitchen, you can dodge those bullets. No skyrocketing rent, no worrying about getting renewed or evicted. You're in total control with a container kitchen.


A container kitchen allows you additional flexibility where a brick and mortar cannot. Try out new concepts without a long-term commitment: Want to test a new menu or business model? A container kitchen lets you experiment with minimal risk. If it doesn't work, you can simply move on without the burden of a fixed lease.  Take your business to where the customers are: Whether it's a bustling market, a music festival, or a quiet park, a mobile kitchen gives you the freedom to go wherever your target audience is.


And that's where Apollo Custom Manufacturing comes in. We're not just the leaders in Canada (and the world) for building mobile kitchens – we're the innovators. Whether it's a food truck, a food trailer, or a full-blown container kitchen, we've got the experience and the attention to detail to make your mobile kitchen dreams come true.


We've been at this for over 20 years, and we've seen it all. We've helped businesses bring their food services to places they never could before, like the beautiful vineyards of British Columbia's Okanagan region and as an auxiliary kitchen for the bustling events of the Grand Taj Banquet Hall in Surrey. Our container kitchens have made it possible for these businesses to serve amazing food and experiences to their customers, no matter where they are, with limited access to resources.


But we're not just about container kitchens. We're all about pushing the envelope and finding new ways to use these versatile structures. Take Trendi Technologies, for example. They came to us with a vision to turn food waste into smoothie powder, and we made it happen, building a state-of-the-art processing unit inside a container. The possibilities are truly endless.


So, are you ready to turn your mobile kitchen dream into a reality? Containers are the perfect building blocks, durable and affordable. And with Apollo, you can trust that your container kitchen will be built to the highest standards, following all the necessary codes and regulations to ensure smooth inspections and operations.


We've been building mobile kitchens for over 20 years, and container kitchens have always been a staple. Our experienced craftsmen design ergonomic workspaces that maximize efficiency and adhere to all health regulations and CSA mobile codes. If you choose to install the container kitchen in a semi-permanent manner it is important to research the requirements in your local jurisdiction. Your local jurisdiction may classify the container kitchen as a permanent structure, so it is important to have an open and continuous dialogue with officials to ensure your project can start without any issue.


Ready to get started? Let's chat. At Apollo, we're all about turning your vision into reality. Our years of experience, expertise, and commitment to quality make us the perfect partner to bring your container kitchen dream to life. So, what are you waiting for?

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