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Mobile Business is on the Rise

Published on January 20th, 2020

Is mobility the future of the mom and pop business model?

Food service, retail, merchandising and professional services are slowly trending mobile.

Is it the overhead expense of operating a business in a brick and mortar location? Or the convenience of being able to take a product or service directly to the customer that has mobile business on the rise?

Or perhaps is it a combination of both. Regardless of the reason, there are more and more businesses being built into trucks, trailers, vans and shipping containers.

Apollo has been building mobile kitchens for the past twenty years and over the past couple of years, we have built several different retail type settings into trucks.

We have built a dog washing business into a van. A roller skate rental outlet into a former postal truck. We’ve converted a small step van into a retail plant and flower shop. The Vancouver Whitecaps have had us build a games and merchandising store in a large Grumman step van complete with a drop-down stage. Most recently we have built a mobile dentist office into a Mercedes Sprinter van. It seems the type of retail outlet you can build into a mobile application are limitless.

With the rising costs of building leases and other expenses attached to a brick and mortar business, it makes more and more sense to go mobile. Not only does it make sense financially but from the point of view that you can deliver your product or service to the customer or the customer has the that service brought directly to them, it’s also convenient. Gone are the days of dragging the kids off to the dentist for x-rays and cleaning! Now the technician comes to you. Whether it’s dentistry, massage or hair and nails, mobile business is on the rise and will continue to grow bringing a variety of shopping and other services right to the consumers front door.

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